Meeting short delivery times and responding to the service levels your customer's demand

The level of online shopping expands each year and the e-commerce sector is rapidly growing. Businesses now need to offer short delivery times, have a low error rate and provide excellent service levels. Traditional retailers and new online businesses are challenged to have a sales process and storage method to meet these demands and their customers’ high expectations.

Simple, streamlined ordering procedures and effective return routines are essential for your business to be successful, combined with a consistent and well-functioning logistics system. The E-commerce industry requires storage solutions that can easily adapt to changes in demand in terms of volume and stock profile whilst ensuring quick access to keep up with this fast market place. 


Some of the challenges faced by our E-commerce customers include: 

  • Quick dispatch times need an accurate, high speed picking solution
  • Product lines can change frequently
  • Stock control needs to be monitored continually
  • Seasonal influences should be considered
  • Returned products must be dealt with
  • Security is a concern, particularly with high-value items


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Whether you are searching for automated storage or an efficient solution for hand-picking operations, our combination of products can be combined or tailored to meet the requirements of online retailers and distribution centres.

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