How to Dispose of a Used Pallet Racking

How to Dispose of a Used Pallet Racking

Over the last few articles, we covered different aspects of the pallet racking system such as the benefits of pallet racks to factors one should consider before installing a pallet racking. No doubt, pallet racking is a key asset for your warehouse; the day may come when you will feel the need to do away with the existing storage system.

There might be several reasons to do this; probably you want to replace the existing system with a new one to accommodate storage materials of a different type. You might have to shift your existing business to new premises and want fresh racking for a new warehouse. A less pleasant scenario would be when a business fails and the owner needs to dispose of these assets to reduce the cost of production and maintenance.

When it comes to disposing the used pallet, the first thing that comes to the mind of any individual is to sell the racks to a scrap merchant. The scrap merchant will examine the condition of the racks and offer a price for the second-hand pallet racking. Your problem has been sorted out. However, if you think about the potential environmental hazard that pallet scraps could pose, then chucking it to a scrap dealer won’t be a good idea.

Is there any other option to dispose of the pallet racking?

There are several businesses that buy second-hand pallet racking system. You could find them through local classifieds. After contacting a business, it will send out an assessor to your place, who might ask you a few questions such as who is the manufacturer of the racking and for what purpose was it used before.

He will later inspect the rack will quote you a price. This price will be based on the market pricing and quite possibly it will be more than what the scrap dealers might offer you. After sealing the deal, the assessor will dismantle the pallet racking and pay you the sum.

Another option to dispose of the racks is that you could get in touch with companies that buy pallet racking from several sellers. These companies usually buy racks in surplus. You could find such companies by simply performing an online search. The company’s examiner will hand-inspect every beam and every other element of the rack before purchasing it. If your racking system doesn’t make the grade, he won’t buy it. This option of disposing of the pallet racking will save you a lot of time and effort. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about dismantling the storage system as it will be taken care by their experts.

Also, if you choose the above options for disposing of the racks, then you would derive some satisfaction that your storage system is being recycled.

So now that you know ways of disposing the used pallet racking system. Do let us know which method would you like to choose? Do you have any other ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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