Factors to Consider Before Installing Pallet Racking System

Factors to Consider Before Installing Pallet Racking System

A pallet racking system is a significant element in warehouse and retail environment. It doesn’t just hold a great deal of pallet weight, but also help organize them, making efficient use of the available storage space. However, selecting and installing a pallet racks in a new or existing facility is not a straightforward process.

Prior to purchase, a warehouse owner must consider several factors to avoid stockroom mistakes. Below mentioned points can be used as a checklist before installing a pallet solution:

  1. Purchasing inventory in bulk

    Most warehouse owners buy stock in bulk quantities during pricing mark downs. Though, investing a major part of the sum in buying bulk goods ensure future sales, the cost of inventory management escalates. In such scenarios, businesses can consider getting bulk stock in smaller quantities. It will help reduce inventory management costs.

  2. Order picking paths

    The order picking path process consumes a majority of labor time. Hence, it is essential that the order picking process become as efficient as possible. Identifying best picking path is difficult, so one can take time to locate an efficient route possible. Ideally, the picking routes must be closer to the dispatch area, rear aisle and front aisle. This will help cut down on supply chain expense.

  3. Poor Housekeeping

    The retail environment can get cluttered and chaotic if the warehouse is not properly looked after. Ensure there are no overfilled pallets or mess lying around, as it can lead to increase in labor costs and inefficiency in supply chain management.

  4. Compliance with rack capacities

    Pallet racks can withstand certain weight capacities. Overloading goods on the racks can give rise to serious accidents in the warehouse. So estimate the approximate weight of the products before buying a racking pallet.

  5. Storage racks assembly

    The installation of pallet racks must be in accordance with the design. Improper assembling or changing the configurations of racks can lead to poor performance of the storage system. It may also pose a potential hazard to those working in the facility.

  6. Rack maintenance

    Pallet checks must be performed on a routine basis to prevent any potential accidents. Make sure that crossbeams, frame anchors, bolts and cross bars are fully engaged. If you have a huge warehouse, create a checklist for the pallet systems and run preventative maintenance either on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis to increase your warehouse safety.

  7. Well-trained staff

    Training your on-site staff on the safe operation of pallet racking systems will help improve warehouse efficiency. You can establish an on-going training program for forklift operators and other employees that address the risks and effects associated with pallet rackings.

Buying a best pallet storage system for your business is always tempting. However, it would be worthwhile if you look at the stock you have and choose the storage system based on your needs. Consider these points before installing pallet racking system and create an efficient warehouse that is a safe and healthy workplace for your employees!

Looking for a pallet racking for your facility? Get in touch with Fit-Right storage systems for a discussion about how we can assist with your storage needs.

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