Pallet Racks 

Fit Right offers you comprehensive pallet racking systems to help you choose the best configurations for your storage goals. Our shelving systems are perfect for storing goods and materials in an organized way. Made of heavy gauge material, the racking system offers stability. They include additional features such as uprights, beams, pallet supporters and row spacers. We are one of the leading pallet racks manufacturers in India. Our customers include warehouses, e- commerce establishments, retail outlets, distribution centres, pharmaceutical companies and more. We not only sell racks but also deliver storage solutions swiftly. We also offer complete facility installation and back it up with excellent customer support service. Choose your desired racks today!

  • Selective Pallet Racks
    Selective Pallet Racks

    One of the cost and space efficient storage solutions, selective pallet rack is infinitely adjustable. At Fit Right, we have a wide range of pallet racks made using high-quality steel that meet the industry specifications. The superior powder coat finish on the racks makes them resistance to chips and scratches. These systems are perfect for use in offices, factories, warehouses and retail outlets. If you are looking for an economical way out to store the goods, then selective pallet racking system offer the most effective solution. Have specific requirements? Call us and we will help you choose the racks that fit your storage needs. You can also place an order with us online!

  • Long Span Shelving Racks
    Long Span Shelving Racks

    Long Span shelving racks are medium duty storage solutions for storing heavy manufacturing items such as tyres, windscreens, exhausts and other retail environments including boxes, cartons, files and much more. All the shelving racks that you see here are manufactured and tested to ensure that they meet operational and safety requirements. We are the first organization in the world that also sells warehouse racking online. Right from delivering and installation to maintenance, Fit Right offers excellent after sales service so that you get most out of storage investment. What’s more, all our products are economically priced. Place your order today!

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